News From FAMP Broward-Gold Coast Chapter
Chapter Goverment Affairs


06/03/2015 NAMB Applauds CFPB Announcement On TRID Enforcement, Calls For Defined Hold Harmless Period

05/14/2015 Prepared Testimony of The National Association of Mortgage Brokers

01/20/2015 Six Economists Reach Similar Conclusions on 2015 Housing Outlook

10/21/2014 Fannie, Freddie to Accept Lower Down Payment Mortgages

10/03/2014 The Emerging “non-QM“ Market

07/16/2014 CFPB Proposal Would Give Consumers The Opportunity To Publicly Voice Complaints About Financial Companies

07/11/2014 CFPB Issues Guidance Regarding Brokers Shifting To “Mini-Correspondent” Model

07/01/2014 Changes to FS494 to go into Effect TODAY, July 1, 2014

06/30/2014 NAMB Government Affairs Update 2013 Mortgage Survey – Rebates To Consumers

06/24/2014 Mortgage Lenders Err on Side of Caution with Broker Fees Under QM

06/18/2014 CFPB Orders Suntrust To Provide $540 Million In Relief To Homeowners For Servicing Wrongs

06/17/2014 Six Months Later, Does the QM Rule Still Matter?

06/16/2014 Senator challenges Cordray on National Mortgage Database information collection activities

06/14/2014 Changes to FS494 to go into Effect on July 1, 2014

06/13/2014 “He signed you Bill…Now You’re a Law!” The Story of FS494 Changes

06/13/2014 Fannie and Freddie Found Exempt from Transfer Taxes (2)

06/12/2014 CFPB Takes Action Against Illegal Mortgage Referrals

06/11/2014 Underused VA Mortgage Program Makes Inroads as FHA Costs Rise

05/27/2014 What the CFPB’s ‘Nightmare’ Complaints Database Turned Up in 2013

05/27/2014 Why a Twitter Fight Raises Important Questions About Credit Access (2)

05/21/2014 Housing Outlook Remains Iffy, Economy on Right Path: Fannie Mae

05/20/2014 CFPB Study Targets Changes to Credit Scoring for Medical Debt

05/19/2014 MBA Cuts Loan Forecast Again, Cites Lagging Home Purchases

05/19/2014 Will Looser Credit Jump-Start Housing Market or Overheat It? (2)

05/14/2014 What Lack of GSE Reform Means for Future of Housing Finance

05/12/2014 VA issues “qualified mortgage” definition for VA guaranteed or insured loans