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In an attempt to keep our members informed of legislative and regulatory changes in the mortgage industry during these unprecedented times, The Florida Association of Mortgage Professional’s Government Affairs Committee is recommending these articles… Read More

Jerry Sanchez III
FAMP Broward-Gold Coast Chapter
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1973-74 Richard Foster
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Dear FAMP Members

This year Florida Association of Mortgage Professionals (FAMP) celebrates their 60th anniversary. We are the oldest mortgage professional association in the country. The FAMP Broward-Gold Coast Chapter / Broward Chapter has the highest number of active members within the state of Florida.

The FAMP Mission Statement is to advance the mortgage profession through advocacy, education and ethical practice. Your membership, attendance, participation, and dedication will maintain the primary goal in making FAMP members the premier source for mortgage financing in Florida.

Whether you are a mortgage originator, processor, affiliate or business-related partner, the FAMP needs your support and feedback. As an active mortgage industry association with 60 years of experience, the FAMP is best suited to inform the state and federal regulators on how the mortgage industry should be governed in the best interests for the protection of consumers as well as the protection for our mortgage industry within the state of Florida.

Please reach out to us. Your feedback is strongly encouraged as well as greatly appreciated.

On behalf of our Gold Coast / Broward Chapter Executive Board; we like to thank you for your support, dedication and participation.


Jerry Sanchez III
FAMP Broward-Gold Coast Chapter President

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